1863 Civil War Journey: Raid on Indiana

Morgan's Raid Timeline


July 2 Confederate General John Hunt Morgan and 2,400 men cross the Cumberland River and head north from Tennessee into Kentucky.
July 7 Advance companies of Morgan’s troops arrive in Brandenburg, Kentucky and capture two steamboats that will be used to cross the Ohio River.
July 8 Morgan’s force begins to cross the Ohio despite attempts to stop him by Indiana home guards and US Navy gunboats.
July 9 Battle of Corydon
Pursuing Federal cavalry, commanded by General Hobson, begin crossing the Ohio River in pursuit of Morgan.
July 10 Salem captured, depot burned and stores looted by Morgan’s men. Lexington and Vienna captured and looted by the Rebels. Hobson’s troops arrive at Salem. Gov. Morton telegraphs militia leaders and calls on them to assemble in Indianapolis to defend the state against Morgan’s troops.
July 11 Vernon successfully defended by Indiana militia, citizens and a handful of soldiers. Hoosier militia companies responding to Governor Morton’s call depart Indianapolis by train, under the command of General Lew Wallace, and arrive at Vernon. Morgan’s troops burn railroad property and plunder stores and homes in Dupont and camp there for the evening.
July 12 Rebels depart Dupont.
Federal cavalry and mounted members of the 103rd Regiment Indiana Militia arrive at Dupont in pursuit of Morgan’s men.
July 13 Skirmish at the Whitewater River between Morgan’s men and Hobson’s pursuing force.
Confederates burn the bridge over the Whitewater River and escape into Ohio.
July 19 Half of Morgan’s forces are captured following the defeat of Confederate raiders at the Battle of Buffington Island in Ohio. Captured enlisted men are sent to Camp Morton in Indianapolis.
July 26 Morgan and his remaining troops are captured in eastern Ohio.